The One Thing You Need To Know For Your Weight Loss Journey

The One Thing You Need To Know For Your Weight Loss Journey

The One Thing You Need To Know For Your Weight Loss Journey

You know what’s BEYOND frustrating? Losing and gaining the same two pounds and feeling like your getting nowhere!

Well, I’ve got news for you that may surprise you…My weight loss journey was the exact same way.

I’m serious! Just because I am at my naturally thin weight now and lost over 70 lbs doesn’t mean I was 100% perfect along the way!

I had a food addiction that made the process difficult but the ONE thing that made my weight loss journey successful was that I NEVER GAVE UP ON MYSELF!

You Can totally do this too so stop beating yourself up and start by doing these three things instead:

  1. Don’t officially start your weight loss journey until you build your desire and determination to 100%. Without your full desire to accomplish this goal, there is really no reason to be consistent. You will easily cave under the temptation to eat outside the boundaries of hunger and fullness and thus continuously put your body into fat storage mode. Food addiction is no joke and until you actually WANT to change that with a deep desire and conviction inside of you to beat this battle once and for all, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.
  2. Make sure you have accurate and adequate knowledge regarding what you need to be doing to lose weight eating intuitively. There’s a lot of info out there that can be hard to make sense of which is why I’m offering my FREE Webinar training on The Secrets Of The Naturally Thin– The 5 Secrets I Finally Learned That Helped Me Lose Over 70 Lbs Without Giving Up The Foods I Love. Make sure to start here with this webinar and register at I have combined all the relevant information from all my research, personal experience and coaching others, to help you kick-start your natural weight loss journey and begin implementing these principles correctly. (Yes, there are plenty of wrong ways being taught out there that I discovered during my own journey so make sure to watch the webinar so I can show you what ACTUALLY works)
  3. No matter how many times you mess up or eat when you are not hungry, don’t throw in the towel! The more and more you work toward not acting out your temptation to eat outside the boundaries of hunger and fullness the stronger you will get. Your brain will be able to heal and make new neural pathways the less you act on that temptation. Take it one day and a time and look at the bigger picture! Think of where you’ll be a year from now if you don’t give up on yourself today because you already messed up for the millionth time? Just take it one hunger cue at a time and commit to waiting for a level 3 hunger before eating. Make that your focus each day until you master that and then move on to mastering stopping once you’re at a level 7 polite fullness.

The reason I am as successful as I am today, beating my battle with weight and food is because I never let myself quit!

No matter how many times I overdid it with my food or regained a pound over the weekend that I had just lost, it doesn’t matter now. Why? Because with each mistake along the way I got a little stronger each time.

At the first couple months I was only about 50% consistently waiting for level 3 hunger and stopping at level 7 fullness but as each month went by and I didn’t give up trying, I began slowly getting more and more consistent!

You see, if you just don’t give up on yourself and give it 100% determination each day, you will begin to see a downward trend in the scale.

Maybe last week you lost 3 lbs but this week you gained 1.5 lbs because you went to a family bbq and overdid it. But the week after that you lost 2 lbs which means you not only lost the 1.5 lbs that you gained but that you lost an additional .5 lbs on top of that!

A half a pound difference may not mean much to you now, but you’ll see soon enough that there’s a definite downward trend in the scale month to month. This is why you cannot give up on yourself when all you can see is the mistakes day to day.

You can do this but you will never know if you let discouragement overtake you and quit today. Never give up! If I can make plenty of mistakes on this journey and look like this then you can definitely get there too!

Don’t let yourself spiral in discouragement because of today’s mistakes.

Look forward to a year from now and get excited about the bigger picture!

If you need extra help staying accountable, mastering the eating principles and break through emotional baggage making this journey harder than it needs to be, then check out my 10 Week Intuitive Weight Loss Program!

Until then, best of luck in your journey!


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